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I am in love with Olive’s soaps! Not only are they beautiful enough to seriously consider eating, but they feel wonderful on my skin and smell like heaven. They’d make a great gift if I could ever manage to give any away. 

Kelsey Love

Travel Blogger, Travelin' Fools

These soaps are awesome! I want to eat them, they look and smell so yummy.

Becky Alexander

Stardust and Moonshine

BodyHI is hands down the highest quality body care product I’ve seen in Hawaii. Olive is always making new batches that have different benefits for your skin, and I’m proud to say I’ve been a regular customer from the beginning!

Wendy Ardolino

Photographer, Ardolino Photography

As said in Hawaii, No Ka Oi!! This means ‘the best’ and simply describes these products. The soaps are beautiful by design and naturally made for a clean feeling to your skin. I have also used the lip balms, which leave your lips feeling incredibly soft. Besides for myself, they make wonderful gifts for family and friends!

Andrea Cooper

Maui Mermaid

The quality of this soap is excellent. My wife suffers from eczema patches and has recently had a rash breakout. She found immediate relief with this soap and she loved that it was a completely natural way to treat her skin.

Tracy Sula-Wang

Senior Marketing Director, Revolution Financial Management

I may be a dude, but I can still get stoked on some soap. Olive’s products always make me smell nice after a long day in the ocean, which my girlfriend definitely seems to appreciate. Thanks, Olive!

Peter Rimkus

Merman, Two Tank Photo

I love this soap! My skin feels fantastic.  My skin can be very sensitive and dry at times and I love using all natural products. Can’t wait to order more!!

Whitney Daman

Whit's Wix