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Aloha & Welcome to Body HI!

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My name is Olive Cadwell and I grew up on Tutti Frutti Farms, a certified organic farm in California, where I developed a passion for clean ingredients. After graduating from Bauman College as a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and certified Holistic Nutrition Educator, I moved to the beautiful island of Maui, and in 2014, I created Body HI, a range of handcrafted, all natural and organic cold process body products made with local ingredients. A few years later, I moved back to the family farm in California and am now happily handcrafting Body HI products and farming all year round.

By applying holistic knowledge to my products, I never use artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives, opting to utilize therapeutic essential oils, plant powders and clays instead. Body HI is a vegetarian business, meaning absolutely no harsh animal fats are ever used. Using the old fashioned cold process method to create my products, I retain more of the delicate nutrients in the ingredients to benefit your skin by not damaging them with high levels of heat. I aim to make Body HI products skin-friendly as well as environmentally-friendly by using planet safe ingredients, as well as reused/recycled packaging and shipping materials.

Body HI products contain mostly organic and local ingredients; the products range from 78%-100% organic, and the organic olive and avocado oils I use are from Figueroa Farms in CA.  I handpick and incorporate as many organic herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables from the farm as I can.

Starting in 2020, all excess soap pieces are donated in 3-5 oz baggies to low income families via local nonprofits.  So far I have donated 10 bags.  Thank you for your support!

Please feel free to contact me for custom orders or any questions you may have, and mahalo for visiting Body HI and helping support local businesses!